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Updated 14th November:

Here’s a recording of a recent Zoom meeting between Patrick from ECD and some other faces you might recognise!



The following letter from Lizzy should be helpful to parents and guardians looking to supply supporting information on church attendance as part of  Reception Class school applications.


Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am getting in touch with you to share information for having your church attendance forms completed as part of your Reception Class school application. I appreciate this can be an uncertain and anxious time as you prepare for this big step with your child and so we want to make the process as clear and easy as possible for you and please be assured that as a church we are praying for you through this transition.

In order to be able to complete your church attendance form accurately and promptly I require you to complete the following steps by Friday 8th December. That gives me time to check that we have the right forms and verify attendance with other members of the team before I complete the forms on Thursday 4th January.

Firstly, please complete this online form to share your details with me: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOgfV4a5vfq2It_qIeXMudM0nNTPjLg3jtm8Vj3rxuOmN0yw/viewform

You will find the link to this form on our church newsletter and Facebook page as well if that is helpful.

Secondly, please email through any online forms to [email protected] and please ensure that they are:

  • In word document form
  • Have any section relating to details about your child completed
  • The correct version of the form for the year you are applying
  • Saved with your child’s name and the school name as the title eg ‘Sally Smith, King David’

Any online forms that do not have the above criteria met may not be able to be completed so please ensure you have followed those steps before emailing any forms through.

If you need paper forms completing, please post them through the Simon Peter Centre letterbox (the building opposite church). If you are sending any paper forms, please ensure that:

  • You have printed the correct form for the year you are applying
  • You have completed the relevant information on the form. This is usually just the child’s name as it is my responsibility to complete any sections relating to attendance and involvement at church.
  • You have included an envelope with the address of the school you are applying to on (please note this usually goes to the clerk of admissions so check you have the correct address which should be on the school admissions paperwork) and ensure there is a stamp on this. If the form needs to be returned to you and you include it in your admissions paperwork please include a stamped addressed envelope with your address on so we can get this back to you.

Any online forms will be emailed through to the school by myself once they have been completed and most paper forms will be posted by me to the school or yourself. Once the school have received all the paperwork they will contact you to confirm so please expect the confirmation from the school rather than the church. We will complete all forms given to us by the deadline.

If you have been a regular worshipper at St Peter’s for many years it is likely that I will be able to complete the form without needing a meeting with you. If you are newer attendee or come less often I may invite you for a meeting or arrange a phone call to discuss the form with you. This is not something to be anxious about, instead it is an informal meeting for me to get to know you and agree with you an accurate expression of your church involvement for the form.

Please be aware that once a form has been completed it will not be changed so make sure you give as much information as possible when completing the online form.

If you have any issues or need any support please contact our church office: [email protected].

Many blessings,


Rev’d Lizzy Holland

Rector of St Peter’s Church, Woolton


Updated 3rd November:

NOVEMBER NOTICES for you to peruse!

Updated 30th October

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Updated 20th October:

Here we are at half-past October already, with our Notices for the week!


Updated 12th October:

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Updated 5th October:

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