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Updated 28th March:

Here’s the latest update from the EcoYouth Team!

Crisp Packet Blankets – How and why we make them:

Why crisp packet blankets

How to make them


Eco Bricks – How and why we make them

Eco bricks presentation


Our Youth Eco Team have been very busy behind the scenes prepping to bring you all some very interesting and Earth saving projects!

If you saw the service on the 28th of Feb, you’ll know a little about it and more detailed information will be coming soon, but we wanted to make sure you had some resources to join in with us straight away.

For the next few months, we are working on 3 projects;

1: EcoBricks – This is where we take empty plastic bottles and fill them with non recyclable plastic (bread bags, ready meal film, cling film, etc). We fill the bottle, stuffing the plastic down until it is solid and it is able to be used as a brick for building projects. They have been used to create benches, raised flower beds, play parks, etc.

We are not sure if we will be doing a building project on St Peter’s grounds this summer, or if we will join with another project in Liverpool, but each EcoBrick will be a welcome addition wherever it ends up!

So begin collecting your non-recyclable plastic and if you need a bottle to stuff it into, please let us know.

For more info, please visit this website.


2: Crisp Packet Blankets – It takes 80 years for a single crisp packet to decompose, and we believe these can be put to better use! Take 150 clean crisp packets and iron them together, and you have a warm blanket which we can donate to a homeless person to keep them warm next winter.

Follow this link to see the story of a former homeless man who is doing the same thing to make a difference in Manchester .

So, if your family likes crisps, please consider cleaning and keeping the packets, and soon we will announce a safe way for you to drop them off to us to be made into blankets.


3: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – There are several ways the EcoYouth team would like to raise awareness of ‘the 3 Rs’. For now, we are focusing on 3;

a, vegan days – meat farming is one of the lead causes of CO2 production in the UK and each family in our church having one vegan day per week (or even just one vegan meal!) would make a big difference to the amount of meat and dairy that is required and therefore produced in this country. We will be using this website and our social media pages to promote vegan swaps and tasty recipes. If you have tried something that your family loved, please share it with Lorraine and we’ll share it with the church and our followers.

b, Fairtrade awareness – we learned in Pathfinders and CYFA about the struggles of farmers in the developing world and it stirred up passion for the young people to promote Fairtrade use within the church community. We are now a Fairtrade church, so when we return to in-person services, you’ll notice we’re using Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar (tasty and ethical!). The young people would like to encourage you to use Fairtrade products whenever you can!

c, We have recently discovered the delights of apps like Olio and TooGoodToGo. If you have a smartphone, please download these and consider using them to reduce food waste!

Olio is an app that links people in your local community who have food (and non-food items) going spare that they would normally throw in the bin. It allows us to give away things to a new home! So far, I (Laura) have got some pretty cushion covers, some CD cases, and a case of coffee syrups, all for free!

ToGoodToGo is an app that allows shops, cafes and restaurants to reduce their food waste by selling what normally would’ve gone in the bin for cheap at the end of the night. You can purchase £10 worth of food for £3! There are shops like Spar, Costa Coffee, Gregs and local cafes/takeaways too.

We look forward to sharing more ideas and plans with you in the near future, but until then, please collect your crisp packets, non-recyclable plastic and consider how your family can reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are called to care for the Earth and for one another, including for the poorest of the Earth, most vulnerable to climate change, for the beauty and diversity of species created by our loving God, and for future generations. Throughout scripture, countless voices praise the beauty and wonder of God’s creation, and encourage us to reflect on our responsibility to be good stewards of creation. See for example: Genesis 1:26-31; Genesis 2:15; Psalm 104; Job 38-41.

The Climate Coalition is the national umbrella body working on climate change, bringing together over 140 organisations, representing 22 million people across the UK.


We are all invited this February to Show The Love for God’s creation by talking about climate change, praying for the Earth, making changes in our own lives, and calling upon our political leaders to act. The past year has been a year like no other. The devastating impacts of the pandemic have impacted us all, and made us value what we love more than ever. We know our best chance at rebuilding goes hand in hand with tackling the climate crisis. We need our leaders to protect everything we love and deliver a healthy, green and fair recovery.

Later this year, the UK will host the United Nations climate summit – COP26. This is our opportunity to lead the world into a cleaner, greener future, but first we need to invest in the solutions to the climate crisis at home. When we raise our voices together, we are a force for change that is impossible to ignore. You might like to watch this clip HERE that explains the journey so far  or take a look at their website HERE


Ways to #ShowTheLove

COMMIT TO PRAY FOR OUR WORLD: committing to praying for our world and all those whose lives are currently impacted by climate change, and for guidance for our leaders as they make decisions to end the country’s contribution to climate change.


ASK YOUR MP TO JOIN YOU IN TAKING CLIMATE ACTION: this year, The Climate Coalition is asking us to encourage our MPs to #ShowTheLove for a cleaner, greener future. If you craft a green heart, save one for your MP and send it along with the postcard template included here


SIGN THE TIME IS NOW DECLARATION:  to add your voice to tell politicians you want a cleaner, greener, fairer future at the heart of plans to rebuild a strong economy sign it HERE


WEAR, SHARE GREEN HEARTS: make, wear and share a green heart to start conversations about climate change. Two-thirds of people care about climate change – but don’t know where to start. Wearing a green heart could be a great way to start a conversation about climate change. There are some ideas for heart designs in the show the love resources on their website.


CREATE A GREEN HEART DISPLAY or POSTER ABOUT THE CHANGE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE: window displays have brought joy to many communities over the past year as we’ve spent much more time at home. Create green hearts and use them to decorate  your window at home and/or we would love for you to make one for our windows in the Simon Peter Centre to #ShowTheLove to your community. Post your hearts or posters  through our letter box and lets fill every panel of our windows!


JOIN OUR ST PETER’S CHURCH ECO CREW as we continue to keep this important issue a live one for each of us on our Christian journey email [email protected] for more info


You can find out more about the campaign and resources together with some colouring heart pictures or posters for your home in the links below:



#SHOWTHELOVE illustrated heart

#SHOWTHELOVE home learning pack

#SHOWTHELOVE colour in sheet

#SHOWTHELOVE card to send to your MP