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Welcome to our Virtual Hub

Updated 26th July:

As part of our planning for a gradual return to family-based activities, please look at our Summer Plans here


Hi everyone, here you’ll find Hub photographs from the past year right up to current activity, how we are supporting and connecting with one another and helpful local contact information.


August coffee & cake week 

Why not join us for socially distanced coffee and cake in the garden at 11-12.30 (adults only) or 2-3.30pm (all age) Monday 10th – Thursday 13th?  For more information or to book your place on your day of choice, email Jen on [email protected]  The address and relevant safety information will be emailed to you the weekend before.

Perhaps you like to bake and could volunteer to provide a cake or if you’re keen, perhaps host in your own garden.  Do email if you’d like to volunteer, thanks.


Keep connected

Tea & tales Zooms every Monday 11.30am-12.45pm & WhatsApp group – organised by June Travis

Mum’s Lyfe group WhatsApp group & Zooms some Mondays 8.30-9.30pm – organised by Jen Radford

Knit & Natter WhatsApp group – organised by Morfa Donnelly

Hub Coffee & chat Zooms on Wednesday 11am-12noon – all welcome, send any web links & pics ahead to share – organised by Jen Radford

Hub Volunteers’ WhatsApp group – providing infrequent information and useful links only – organised by Jen Radford

For further information or to join any of these groups, email Jen Radford on [email protected]


Local Parks and Woodlands

  • Clarkes Gardens

Thanks to Dave Baker, Amanda Moorhead and Morfa Donnelly for these pictures.  Can you help us expand our slideshow with an attractive pic of somewhere else nearby?  We’d love a photo of Childwall woods, Victoria Park, Pex Hill, The Loop Line, Hale Light House, Finch Woods, New Hutte Woods, The Dream, Halewood Doorstep Green, Taylor park, The Grain Train, Stadt Moers, The Wirral Way, Spike Island, Greensbridge to Lower Road footpath… or anywhere else nearby worth a visit!


Community Support 

We are supporting one another through: friendly telephone calls, collecting shopping and prescriptions for those who can’t go out, transporting emergency food for those in need and by praying for people.  To Volunteer to help or request support for yourself or someone else, please email Jen on [email protected] with your best contact number.  If the request is urgent, leave a message on the Hub phone 0151 428 6810 and a member of staff will get back to you.


Helpful local contact information

Salvation Army @ Strawberry Field’s telephone support 0151 252 6130

Hugamug, Gateacre pop-up foodbank  0151 909 3452  [email protected]  

The Reader, Calderstone’s Park free soups  [email protected]

Housing advice from The Whitechapel Centre 0151 207 7617

Trussell Trust South Liverpool Foodbank  07760 718640  [email protected]

Liverpool City Council Covid-19 helpline 0151 233 3066

For additional local information and signposting, email Jen on [email protected]  If I don’t know I’ll do my best to find out


Hub crafts and knits before and during the lockdown