VOICE choir and orchestra

Voice Youth Choir & Orchestra is a vibrant group of young Christian musicians from different communities and churches who want to make great music and share their Christian faith through it. We perform contemporary Christian music from a variety of styles especially arranged for choir, band and orchestral instruments. We take part in regular concerts, write our own music and even record our own albums now and again! It’s a great place to meet other young people with similar interests and passions and is a fantastic opportunity for you to use your musical skills as a Christian in new and exciting ways!

The group aims to bring together young musicians from across Liverpool who want to use their musical gifts for God. It is for anyone aged 11-18 years old who loves singing or who plays an instrument at the equivalent of Grade 4 standard and above.

For more information, including practice dates, performances and how to join VOICE please visit their website www.voicemusic.org.uk