Guidance for Parents

New Registration Arrangements for Church Attendance:

Lizzy has recently written the following message to parents who have recently started to use the new registration arrangements:


Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am getting in touch to answer some queries regarding the church register for school letters and to remind all parents what they need to do and why.
Firstly, a thank you from myself, the wardens and the welcome team for your patience on Sunday as we began this system for the first time. We are expecting that once this has been in place for a few weeks and everyone is familiar with what to do it will be quicker and easier to sign in when you come to church.
Secondly, a reminder of what we are asking you to do in relation to the register:
1) we will not be taking names on a Sunday morning due to the numbers of people wanting to sign in and the time this takes. In order to be added to the register you must complete our children’s and young people’s form. Completing this form means that your children can attend any of our church groups and also means we are able to contact you regarding church events and news relating to school admissions.
Please be aware that the question relating to the register requires you to answer stating the first and surnames of anyone you want adding to the register. This should include any children you have and any adults who are coming with them as school forms often ask for both parent and child attendance.
If you respond with ‘yes’ or a first name only you will not be added to the register. If you think you have done this, please respond to this email with the names you want adding to the register.
If you gave your name last Sunday and it was written on paper, please either complete the online form if this has not been done or email [email protected] with the names you want adding to avoid any inaccuracies.
2) When you arrive at church for any church service please find the member of the welcome team or the register and give your first and surname before the service and you will be registered for that week. If you are coming to a Thursday service please give your first and surname to the minister who will have the register and please do this after the service.
Please note that only services led by the church count for attendance. This does not include school services held at church.
Thirdly, I have received some questions about how attendance will be calculated when it comes to school forms. For this and any additional information please see our church attendance for schools forms information sheet which is attached here.
I appreciate that often sorting school places can be an anxious and uncertain time for parents and implementing a new system at church taps into some of those feelings for some people. Please be assured that we are not trying to make things difficult for you or trying to add an additional burden. We understand that every week attendance doesn’t look like 52 weeks a year. People are unwell, take holidays or have special occasions that take them away from church and so we absolutely want to take this into consideration. At the same time we want to ensure that we can be honest, fair and accurate when completing school forms and our new registration system will help with this.
Many blessings,
Rev’d Lizzy Holland


There’s a further PDF of information  HERE

And here’s the QR code to use to register your children in the first instance