Music Worship

Committed to serving St Peters in the provision of Contemporary Christian music to enhance the worship of today’s church.

Mixing established favourites of Mission Praise with the newest songs from the likes of Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor, and New Wine, St Peter’s Music Group brings a modern element to compliment the tradition of Sunday morning services.

Comprising of people from year 11 onwards, through to people who remember when it was 5th year at school and did O-levels rather than GCSEs!, from all walks of life, the group work together to support the leadership of the church and congregation in worship. It is a regular feature of the 10:30 Sunday morning services, and it also contributes to other special services in the life of St Peters throughout the year.

With an aim of providing enjoyable worship through high musical integrity, the group meets twice a month to rehearse for the following Sunday’s service. Whilst functional in nature, this also serves as a time of fellowship for the group members to enjoy.

For more information please contact The Hub (428 6810).