THIRST service Sunday 22nd March

You are invited to THIRST! This Sunday 22 March at 5.30pm in St Peter’s Church Hall.

THIRST is a modern service and is principally led by young people who play or sing in the worship band, lead up front, share a short message or testimony, give a bible reading, help with sound, the overhead projector. with food or maybe to explore their more creative side in terms of art work and posters etc.
The format of the service is as follows:

Gather and share a light buffet together (30-40 minutes)

A time of worship together and a short message around the theme for the service (20 minutes)

The 4 breakout sessions in the Hall and Simon Peter Centre (45 minutes). One is for those children around pathfinders age (10-14) one for Cyfa age (14-18), one for adults, and one which is stationed based which allows you to move around from one station to the other which has elements that can be enjoyed by younger members of your family. The ages are a guideline only and we have found that some of top end pathfinders age sometimes go into the Cyfa group and some children who are not yet pathfinders age (but not far off) go to the pathfinders session.

Return to the main hall together to close the service in worship, eat any remaining cakes and say goodbye! (15 minutes)

When we break into smaller groups there is always something for the younger ones to do in the creative station based rooms or if the service is encroaching on bedtime routines there is opportunity to enjoy the food, worship together and then leave at the breakout time with little ones who may need to head off to bed.

May we encourage you to come and try the service? It is a lovely opportunity to enjoy some informal fellowship with your church family at St Peter’s. It is also a fantastic way to support the younger members of our congregation as they step out in their faith.

We hope to see you and we would love to hear your feedback and ideas about how we can further improve maybe you would to get involved?.