Summer worship

jonah and the whale 2Through the Summer on Sundays from 2nd to 23rd August we will be setting sail on the oceans in our Sunday worship.  
Jonah and the whale is one of the best known stories in the Bible but the message is usually missed.
It’s a story about storms and sailors, rebellion and rescue, preaching and protest.
It’s a story about a man struggling to be obedient to God – when God says go one way, he goes the other.
It’s a story about living with other beliefs and religions around just like today.
It’s a story for all ages full of serious and humorous insight.
Above all it’s about God’s great grace to ‘outsiders’ and of his great patience with ‘insiders’.
Join us this summer!  – we will have a whale of a time (apologies!)
Note: both the 8am and 10.30am services will be using the same summer theme.