Primary School Applications 2022


Please note that no dates have been set yet for the signing of primary school forms.

Please keep an eye on the website.
Information regarding the arrangements for making appointments will be posted here.


If you wish Kip to complete the confirmation of Christian worship form(s) for your child’s secondary school application for 2022 please email him at [email protected]
It would be helpful if you could include your contact number, the name of your child and the schools you are applying for.

He will be arranging 20 minute appointment slots to meet you and to verify your information. In order to make the process as efficient as possible, you need to bring all the necessary forms with your sections of the form(s) already completed, and please plan on coming at the time allocated.

Appointments will take place in the Centenary Rooms at the back of church. Please come to the glass door at the top of the church path.

Any children who come with you will need to stay with you at all times and not move around the building.

Bookable time slots will be available on the following date:

Saturday 25th September between 9 am and 12 noon.