St Peter’s connection with Encontro com Deus

The work of Encontro com Deus in Brazil

The trauma of not being brought up by your own mother is something that no amount of toys, clothes, or food can substitute. A child without its own mum grows with enormous difficulties and without hope.

At least 90% of “orphans” in Brazil are in fact children victims of abuse or of extreme poverty. The traditional response has been to remove the child from risk by separating them from their parents and housing them in orphanages. This has led to generations of ex-orphans unable to enter into normal society. Brazilian authorities have recognized this with orphanages no longer permitted by law, with the last one being closed in our city in 2001. Children now have to be housed in family units.

The local authorities have been sending mums and children to our foster-homes since the year 2000. As they are housed together, a young mum no longer needs to be separated from her children, and the children do not lose their mum. They come away from the streets, drugs, or abusive family members, to a home where there is love. As soon as mum and child are out of danger the challenging process of re-adaptation into society must start. We have won acclaim for tackling this issue by offering low cost housing and continuing support to young families starting back into the real world.

God has given us the resources to give hope to these children. His love will restore the deepest of hurts and prevent a new generation of street children in Brazil.

St Peter’s is going to Brazil

20 members of the church family will be visiting a project in Curitiba, Brazil being run by Econtro com Deus next February. ECD is a Christian charity that St Peter’s has supported for a number of years, it has a purpose built community centre (the building of which St Peter’s helped to fund), and two care homes for mothers and babies.
We have paid for all the flights and accommodation already and our fund-raising is so that disabled access to the homes can be built. This disabled access will cost £20,000 so all the money raised from the events below will be going towards that. We hope the events planned will be fun community occasions!

The Ashworth Trek
On Sun 25th September Denise, Katy and Jack Ashworth will be trekking around the 18 churches in the South Liverpool Deanery, walking approximately 23 miles to raise funds for ECD. You may know that they are part of our 20 strong team who are going to Curitiba, Brazil in February 2017. They would love you to support them in any way you can but they especially would love it if you would: pray for their preparations (plotting the route, training walks and general fitness), help them with their fundraising by signing up at the back of the church or giving online at our JustGiving page:
If you have Twitter you will be able to follow their efforts on the day via @AshworthTrek. You won’t be able to miss them in their bright green t shirts so if you see them around then please give them a honk!

Classic Hits Night
Performed in association with the ‘Comfy Chords Guitar Group’
Saturday 8th October 7.30pm in the Church Hall. Light snacks, bar refreshment, pop quiz and raffle. All proceeds in aid of Encontro com Deus.
Tickets – £5 adults, £3 children (under 10) on sale at the back of church, or from Mike Carney