The Bible Course

Introducing “The Bible Course”

We may not yet have said goodbye to 2020, but most of us are probably looking forward to a new year.  Often, as a new year approaches, we make resolutions.  Well, why not start 2021 getting to know your Bible better?

Starting on Thursday 21st January at 8pm, St. Peter’s will be running The Bible Course (a course devised by The Bible Society).  Given the ongoing pandemic, this will be run via Zoom over an 8-week period (split into two blocks of 4 weeks each).  The aim of the course is to help us to understand and read the Bible better, to see how the books of the Bible are all “part of one big story”, and to see how the Bible is relevant to our everyday lives.  The course is for “people new to Christianity, ideal as a follow-on from courses like Alpha or for mature Christians wanting to increase their understanding of the Bible”.  Each session will include videos, group discussion and time for personal reflection.

There is also a manual to accompany the course.  You do not have to have a copy, but it is helpful to have one to get the most out of the course.

If you would like to join The Bible Course at St. Peter’s, please email Julia Pratt ([email protected]).  This needs to be done by Saturday 2nd January at the latest.

If you would like a copy of the course manual, then please indicate this in your email.  Please note that there is a cost for the manual (£4.50 each) – if you want a copy, please pass a cheque for this amount, made payable to “St Peters Woolton PCC”, to Julia Pratt (25, Linkside Road), or, if this is difficult for you, cheques can be left at The Rectory.

For more information about The Bible Course, why not have a look on The Bible Society’s website:  The Bible Course for groups – Bible Society